Our Products

ANOVA Trading provides chemical, foodstuffs and oil products to several major industry sectors worldwide.. With a staff of young business professionals, we are able to maintain the sound relationships we currently have while continuing to find innovative ways to advance the trading industry.

Having a varied selection of products allows us to service as many industries as possible; allowing you, our partners, to have a one stop shop for all of your trading needs. If you are not sure what type of product you need, you can call one of our sales reps and they can help pick the product that will meet your needs.

Reliable and efficient services

ANOVA TRADING provides maintenance and repair services for allĀ  kinds of appliances. Testing appliances is an integral part of our service; our qualified boiler engineers thoroughly check all appliances to ensure they meet the required safety standards. We provide landlords’ gas safety checks, appliance testing and combustion product analysis. We also test and purge gas pipework to make sure that all aspects of your pipework are functioning efficiently. We offer breakdown services for LPG, gas and oil appliances. We cater to both commercial and domestic customers. you can rest assured that you are gettingĀ  quality and efficient services